APR Anti-Theft System

The Anti-theft System adds to a long line of APR exclusive products. The common thread that makes these products exclusive is the high level of technological ability required to produce them. Innovative products, such as the Anti-Theft System, demonstrate APR's unmatched mastery of the Bosch Motronic system. No one else is capable of offering these advanced engineered features.


Nearly all other traditional methods of anti-theft, such as alarms, in-line kill switches, and steering wheel locks, have turned out to be no trouble for novice and professional thieves. With the Anti-theft System, unless he knows how to reprogram the Bosch Motronic ECU, he'll have no hope of moving your car, even if handed the key! The program will allow the car to attempt to crank, but will not allow the engine to fire. At PA100003Please Call  it is a bargain compared to other less effective methods.


Inputting a sequence of requests into the cruise control stalk activates the Anti-Theft System. This sequence, which takes no more than 3 to 5 seconds to enter, will activate the anti-theft program. The next time there is an attempt to start the car, it will not crank. To turn off the program, you will enter your Unique Access Code (also through the cruise control stalk) that will allow you to "unlock" the program and start the car. This code can be from one to four digits and will be of your choosing. It's simple to use and extremely effective.


To Activate

To Activate

Set - Set - Resume - Resume - Set - Set - Resume - Resume

To Unlock

To Unlock

Enter Access Code 1 to 4 digiets of your choosing


Demonstration Video of APR Antitheft System

Demonstration Video of APR Antitheft System

How to get it

If you are a new customer, an APR EMCS modified ECU is required. An APR chip with one program must first be purchased for your vehicle. (The Anti-Theft System would then be a PA100003Please Call  added feature). If you are an existing customer, you may add the Anti-Theft System for PA100003Please Call . You have three options for acquiring the Anti-Theft System. One, you may go to your nearest distributor and have them add the system. Second, you may add the system by using your EMCS Home Programmer (for EMCS module customers). Finally, you may send your ECU with accompanying order form to APR for reprogramming.

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